A Family Affair- Sex between a brother and sister.

It was one summer in the early eighties, while my parents were away for the week, that I found myself, alone with my older sister. For me, the days before that week, were busy with college, work and the few activities I was involved in. I was a bit awkward back in those days, and not dating much. My only sexual encounters seemed to be with my right hand while looking a pictures of pretty women. In other words, I had had very little experience in sex.That was changed by none other then my sister, Read more [...]

O fucked My Daughter

I woke up to the feeling right before I heard the sounds of a wet, sloppy blow job. I looked down and my youngest daughter was slobbering on my knob, trying to get all 9 inches of my thick cock wedged in her throat. My hand reached out and softly stroked her head."Oh Daddy! You're awake!" she said happily, her eyes sparkling as she plunged her mouth down around my member. I moaned loudly and rocked my hips up, trying to force more of my meat in my girl's hungry mouth."Oh fuck! Victoria, you Read more [...]

A FamFun Weekend

The classified ad was so buried among the many others in the "Adult Personals" section that Tom almost missed it. He looked at the Adult ads every Sunday morning, without fail, often while propped up in his mother's bed by a pile of pillows. He was never looking for anything in particular. He just found it entertaining, and sometimes genuinely interesting, to peek into the very private lives of people who were searching for love or companionship or sex (or some combination of these). He had Read more [...]

A Devil’s Bargain

When she was young Sarah Morgan had craved fame, pursued its arbitrary rewards with shameless zeal. Later, she had craved money, seeking refuge in its myriad compensations. Now, with plenty of both, she craved only her youth. Many, of course, pursued this prize once they reached a certain age. They sought it in surgery or believed they could uncover it by dieting or in the formulae of expensive alchemies. In this, Sarah knew, she was no different. Of course, a few went further: those with Read more [...]

A Drive Home!

-------------------------------------------My cousin was a majorette for her high school, and had a game and wanted her dad to desperately come. I was chilling with my uncle for the day, and we were just talking about how college was going, and how I changed my major like three times, and whatnot. Well, it was time to go to my cousin's game and watch her perform. We went our separate ways. He talked to some of his old high school buddies, and I saw some of mine, and started talking to 'em. The Read more [...]

A Dream Come True

After the funeral of my mothers partner, she experienced what can only be described as a 'shit storm' of financial issues. She had no money for rent so she lost her house, she would have lost her job too if she wasn't so good at what she does.Without anywhere else to turn I offered her to come and stay with me.A few days later we had her things packed and moved them into my flat. Unfortunately however, I only lived in a one bedroom flat, so being a gentleman I offered her the bedroom while Read more [...]

A Diamond in the Rough

A few years ago my life was turned upside down by the worst scenario I could imagine. My father died of a heart attack at 46. That's right 46. It was a shock to everyone. He was in good shape, ate well for the most part, and aside from a little extra weight, was a fit, healthy man as far as we knew. That little idea was shattered of course when he passed suddenly one night. Now, it was just my mom, my brother and I trying to cope. Times were hard. We had some money from his life insurance, Read more [...]

A Different Breast Fetish

Her breasts are large, not huge or pendulous, but ample and pert, despite their size. They are full and round. Not only do they stand out from her chest, but also they have a large circumference and a wide diameter. The areolae are pinkly attractive, the nipples suckably prominent and the cleavage deeply inviting. They are near perfect tits for they are tits made for sex not suckling children. Delicious is the word that comes to mind to describe them. Men love her tits, they stare and ogle Read more [...]

Son has sex with his Mother

A Deal With DannybyMikelh©I came back to life thanks to my son. It was quite inadvertent and I didn't even know I was dead. I was a thirty seven year old widow who hadn't had sex in four years; I had even stopped masturbating. I was a mess.When I was younger, I was always involved with the boys. My 'attractors', as in the song, stood 'way up firm and high'. My makeup was always perfect and my tight skirts left little to the imagination. After marrying too young, my husband's heart betrayed Read more [...]